E4D Dentist™

Hippler Family Dentistry offers same-day tooth restorations with our advanced E4D Dentist system.

e4D Dentist

The E4D Dentist system is a comprehensive chairside Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system that produces inlays, onlays, full crowns, and veneers. Your newly restored tooth will be metal-free, because it is made from a high-grade ceramic material that’s compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth.

Using a handheld laser scanner, Dr. Hippler can capture true 3D intraoral images without the use of messy powder or putty trays. With assistance from E4D DentaLogic software, she will then create a virtual model and plan for a custom-designed restoration.

With the incorporation of an E4D mill, your restoration can be created and placed the same day, which will allow you to get back to your life and all the things that make you smile.

Speed, Convenience, and Quality

There are many advantages of E4D over traditional restoration technology:

  • E4D restorations are made during one visit, to save you the time and inconvenience of multiple visits.
  • Since your restoration can be completed in one visit, there is no need for a temporary restoration, which eliminates significant potential discomfort.
  • The strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function and closely match the composition of natural tooth structure.
  • Milled ceramic is stronger than the traditional method of layering and pressing, so your smile will stay beautiful for years!
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